Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mission home address

The address for the mission home in Caleb's mission is
Elder Caleb Wardle
Iowa Des Moines Mission
8515 Douglas Ave. Ste. 19
Urbandale, IA 50322-2924

Feel free to send him letters to this address or the other one that was posted earlier today. This address will remain the same throughout his mission and the other one will change as he moves to different areas. It is recommended that you don't write him to his apartment address close to transfer days (every 6 weeks) as he may be going to a different area and won't be there to receive your mail. If it is near a transfer day we recommend that you send it to the mission home. I'm sure that he would love to hear from all of you!

This is awesome!

Family and Friends,
This week has been an amazing first week in the field. We woke up ridiculously early on Wednesday morning and 30 missionaries arrived in Des Moines at around 1:30. We got to meet President Jensen and his wife and the Assistants to the Presidents at the airport. I love Pres. Jensen and his wife so much. They are fantastic. We at some food and got some training on how the mission works and then got to bed at around 10:30. I stayed with the AP's since the mission home wasn't big enough to hold us all. The AP's place is sweet and I forgot my camera or Id send pictures. They have name tags of all the missionaries who have lived in that apartment before them which I got a picture of. Anyways, we woke up at 6 and then headed to Iowa City for our transfer meeting and to meet our trainers. It was good to hear from the mission presidency. They are a great group of men and I love them. So for the news everyone wants to hear.
My new companions are elder Berthold (my trainer) and Elder Tanner. And I love them to death. Im basically elder bertholds twin. He says that we are both hilarious, handsome, like the same music, are consistently border lining insanity, and love the Lord. He does say he is better looking though. And I would have to agree. He is a handsome man. Anyways, I love Elder Berthold. this is his last transfer before he heads home though. But its been great getting to know him. We have been sharing an apartment with The spanish missionaries who are hilarious as well but they moved to there new apartment this morning. Elder berthold and I have been able to go running everyone night from about 9:30 to 10:30 and it's been great to be able to talk with him about his mission and family and working out and all the fun stuff we did in Highschool. We will most likely be friends for the rest of our lives which Im looking forward too. Well, after meeting my companions we my junk in a members van and headed to Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids is gorgeous. We live in a little town called Hiawatha just outside Cedar Rapids though. Our area is huge and although we are in the Cedar Rapids 2nd ward we don't cover CR. We cover all the little towns outside of it. The Zone Leaders are in our ward and they cover most of Cedar Rapids. The Spanish missionaries do as well. So at church on Sunday there are 7 Elders which is ridiculous. Anyways, when we arrived in Cedar Rapids we headed straight to an appointment. I hadn't even seen the apartment yet. But we went to go see a referral named Luarie hansen. Luarie works for a companie named Fanzz which is a Mormon owned sports memorabilia store. And she siad that there are two types of people in the company. The mormons, and the people who drink. And she feels very comfortable with those who are LDS. So she wanted to know more about where we came from and what we believe. And we were able to teach her the Restoration and how we have the Restored Gospel. I was able to recite Joseph Smith's first vision and the spirit was amazingly strong. Anyways, things went flawlessly and she commited to be baptized on September 21st and commited to church on Sunday. She didn't make it because she was battling Kidney Stones. It's interesting how things like that would happen. But we did warn here that Satan would try to bring her down. Anyways, its amazing to see how Father has prepared people so well. She was so ready to hear our message it was unbelievable. Im so excited for what the Lord has in store for me and the people of Iowa. The area Im in is fairly new so we hope to really spread the word as much as possible here. We have some potential investigators that really could turn into something great. I look forward to teaching and to be able to share my testimony with others. This is something that has brought me such happiness and I want the whole world to know why I have literally never not been happy in my life. My course is set, the questions are answered, and I know my purpose. To make it back to Father and to bring as many people with me as I can. There is truth in this work. When we tract most people seem uninterested but encourage us because of what we are doing. They say, keep working hard, everyone needs Jesus. And that's what I love most about Iowa. I know everyone says that the mission they go to is the best, but mine truly is. And Ill tell you why. The Des Moines Iowa first ward leads the American continent in convert baptisms per year. Our mission set a goal of 400 baptisms in 2012 and they reached that goal on the very last day of the year. Our goal this year is 550 and we are at around 315 with plenty of time to continue. The goal reminds me of a scripture in Phillipians 4:13 I believe," I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Its so simple yet so true. I truly can do this. And the mission can as well. Every morning at 9:50 we pray mission wide for help in accomplishing that goal. And I know with hard work we can achieve it. I love this work and miss you all. I hope the best for you. Your in my heart and in my prayers. Thanks for all you do. Im safe here. And thinking of home helps me remember my purpose. To bring souls unto Christ. I hope I can achieve all that the Lord wants for me. I hope through love and patience I can show these people the path. I love them all so much already.
Elder Wardle

Send stuff here if you want to write me and get it here quick. But each transfer ill update my address so you know where to send stuff. October 12th is our next transfer date so don't send things after the 9th cause I may not get hem. Anyways, here it is:
125 E. Boyson rd. #602
Hiawatha IA 52233