Thursday, October 31, 2013

Family and Friends

This week was a little rougher. We had a bunch of appointments set up and had a goal of setting 3 baptismal dates and we did all we could, but we actually didn't meet with any investigators this week. So that was somewhat discouraging. But Elder Tanner and I have really been focusing on how we measure our success. As long as we are working hard and inviting others to come unto Christ we are successful. So we are happy and content with how things are going. We will work extra hard this week to get things rolling. We have so many people that are so ready. They are just so busy and can hardly find the time to meet with us. We were planning on giving Laurie a church tour and resetting her baptismal date and she fell through. Anthony hasn't gotten back with us for sometime. And we didn't get a chance to meet with Robin Foster either. But we do have several reasons to be happy. The members we are working with are inviting! It took them four weeks but each of them are doing what they are supposed to now which is great. We have 6 potential investigators who we are planning on inviting to baptism. And we still have the gospel and we know it's true. Plus we have amazing families back home to support us. Elder Tanner and I are really getting a long great. He loves to sing. I love to sing. He's a dork. Im a dork. He wants to work hard. I want to work hard. We did have a cool experience on Wednesday that I would like to share. So the Zone Leaders gave us a little bit of there area so that we could do finding around where we live so that we don't waste time walking to Robins and back. Which is a two hour walk by the way. But so we had a whole day of finding to do. No appointments set up, and we prayed about where we should go. And at first we were thinking we go find in our new area that we were given but Elder Tanner thought we should go to Robins so he invited me to pray and I did and we both felt the same. So that's where we went. And we also decided to fast as well. And the second door we knocked on we met a girl named maggie who is coming to church this upcoming Sunday and is willing to meet with us as well. So that was a big testimony builder as well. We are beginning to see things happen here. Miracles are coming. It's going to be a great week. I love you all. Keep your heads up and keep loving the lord. He will bless you. 
Elder Wardle