Monday, October 21, 2013

Family and Friends

This week was a good one. our numbers were low but a lot of good things happened so we weren't too sad about that. It is getting a lot colder here though. I feel bad for Matt up in Canada because it will be worse up there. But it's down to like 40 here. So pray for me. aha. But I guess we should start out with Anthony. Since Berthold left we haven't been able to get a hold of him. And that's been rough. Because he was so ready to be baptized and then he got worried and we haven't seen him since. We hope to be able to soon though.We want to reset a date with him so that he has something to work towards. And hopefully he feels ready for it this time. We continue to do great work with the members as well. And Its great to see theis growth in missionary work. But it's time for them to kind of take action and leave the nest so to speak and just go for it. The goal is to see miracles together. We want to help them with their missionary work, not ask them when we need help. Missionaries are members of the ward who help in the missionary work that happens in the ward, rather than create all the missionary work and the members help if that makes sense. We are supposed to be teaching 20 lessons a week and Elder Tanner and I taught 2. Maybe 1. So it needs to change. One of those lessons that we had was with the foster's. Brother Foster is less active and his wife is not a member. But they really are great people and I seriously see them temple bound.
They absolutely need to make it there. So we have been teaching them for about six weeks or so now and Elder Tanner and I really prayed to know  what direction to take the whole thing. And we felt impressed to teach the restoration but focus on Robin rather than brother Foster. And the morning of the lesson we role played, and role played, and role played. And the spirit worked through us both so much. It started from teaching her from 3 Nephi 19 to teaching the Restoration. From extending to her the invite to kind of here the discussions the way we usually do them to inviting her to just read the book of Mormon. So it was amazing to see how the Spirit worked through us both. It was awesome. And we taught her and the lesson went super well and she has some questions still but she is planning on reading the book of Mormon. And we have a lesson with here on Tuesday where we will extend a baptismal invite and hopefully set a date. not only will it help here come closer to Christ but Brother Foster has seen the change that's happening and will hopefully go along for the ride as well. But we keep praying for miracles to happen. And we hope they do. We also had another great experience after a zone training meeting. We were eating lunch with the zone at this place called huhot's and Elder Tanner got theimpression that we should go over to Fanzz ( the store where Laurie works. We had an amazing lesson with Laurie and then never saw her again) and she if she was there and try and talk with her if she was. So we went over there, saw her, got super nervous, almost left, and then just did it and we talked with her for a good 20 minutes. She is super interested still. She just has an amazingly busy life. So we set up an appointment with her for later today at the church where we can just show her around and show her what our building is like. And then reteach the Restoration as well as her daughter who she wants us to speak with as well. So hopefully she follows through and makes it. I will probably cry tears of joy if she makes it and we re-extend a baptismal invite to her and her daughter and hopefully she accepts a date as well. It will be great. We love here so much. And just truly want what's best for her. Hopefully this is the right path for her. hopefully she has read as well.
This week we also got to see the duttons who were a referral from the bishop. they live out in Palo and he wanted us to see if we could stop by and see them. Brother Dutton is less active due to medical reasons and his wife and daughter were recently baptized but no longer attend as well. His son Cody has not had missionaries over to teach him yet thogh so we are looking forward to extending a baptismal invite to him as well. It will be great. Hopefully we see success here soon. We have a goal of one baptism in November, two in december and two for January. So hopefully those pull through. I love you all. Your the greatest. Keep pushing through and working hard. keep the Lord close to your heart. Pray and seek revelation for how you can do better. Everyone can do better. I miss yuo and wish the best for you.
Hugs and kisses,
Elder Wardle