Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm an uncle! (I think)

Family and friends,
I should have a brand new baby niece which is absolutely amazing. I bet she is just as beautiful as her mother (charity say hi to miss Camberley for me!)
This week has been interesting. Tuesday we went over to the Fosters ( a less active part member family) and they are absolutely. Brother Foster is a member and he is massive. But really just the sweetest guy we are trying to reactivate him and then teach his wife. Directly afterwards we went to Randina's who is a member that we found spirit finding. i dont know if I mentioned it but we found her two weeks ago after a hard of people rejecting our message and she was the last house that we hit. So we were able to teach her the restoration and we we commited her to be baptized. We had to teach her outside though because her husband was in the basement working out. And it was absolutely freezing. So we were having a hard time feeling the spirit when we were just getting to know her, but the moment we starting teaching it was there right along side us and kept us warm. We all siad the same thing when we got in the car, I was so warm after the spirit got there. It was amazing. Wednesday we had a zone training meeting and it was fantastic. I learned so much. We learned how important the members are in missionary work. We learned that no mission can reach its full potential with out member help. our president did the numbers and found and found that with the members help we can baptize 3,600 souls in a year (our goal is 550) So really the missionaries shouldn't be finding anymore. Tracting is going out the window. Its almost useless. We are relying on the members to help us find, fellowship, and testify. The members are so important. The Des Moines has the highest retention rate (number of people who remain active after baptsim) in the country. 93%. Thats unheard of. That ward has 60 new converts who were baptized within this time last year. And that's because the members there are kicking butt. I can promise you that if you do member missionary work, you will be forgiven of your sins, your families will be strengthened, you will do better in school, in work, and all aspects of your life. Doctrine and Covenants promises us those things. But it also says that no one can receive salvation without sharing the gospel. You can't make it to heaven without opening your mouth and telling those you come in contact with about the work. We are guilty. So just get over your fears and do it. The Lord promises that wherever you go, he will be there also. You can't lose. Its impossible. people may say no, but then atleast at that point you know they weren't ready. You may have thought that before but now atleast you know. But how would you know for sure if you don't ask? Give someone a book of Mormon. It paves the way for Jesus Christ. Go out with the missionaries. Sit by an investigator at church. Testify of what you know to be true. I know that it will bring blessings. Ive seen it. My family has been blessed because Im out here. Its a promise. So try your hardest.
Thursday we went on exchanges with Elder Markstaller who is sick. We love him to death. His spanish sucks but that doens't matter. He will get the gift of tongues in no time. But we walked about ten miles (we were trying to save miles on our car) and delivered fliers to other churches about a project going on in the community to benefit children in zimbabwe. But anyways, we saw a storm coming so we hid in Taco Bell and the storm was the coolest thing Ive ever seen. It was amazing. A wall of rain just hit the building so hard and the thunder was absolutely ridiculous.
Yesterday we took Anthony to a baptism. The Spirit was so strong there. And he went home and an hour later we got a text that said he was second guessing his decision to be baptized. So we have been praying non stop. And will continse to do so until something happens. I love you all. Your the best. keep doing what your doing. And become member missionaries. Catch the Wave. It's here. And you don't want to miss it.