Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family and Friends

Wow. Life is great! We have seen so many miracles in our district I can't believe it. Our area a couple of weeks ago was the strongest in the district and now we are struggling a little bit. But it's great to see the success of everyone else around us. I interviewed so many people for baptism. As District Leader that's a great responsibility. It's awesome to interview all of the souls that are preparing to be baptized and make sure they are ready to do so. It's amazing. Monday night I interviewed Margaret Kanu and her daughter Maryamma and her son Samuel. After the interviews Maryamma asked if I could baptize her! Which was awesome. The baptismal service was absolutely great. And I really felt the spirit. I wish I could upload pictures to my email and show you the Kanu family, but these computers don't allow me too :( Bummer!
On Friday night I interviewed another two candidates for baptism. Harlee and Catherine are 11 and 12 and will be baptized next weekend. They are ready as well! And it will be awesome to see them progress. I hope they remember the covenants they will make. And then Saturday before the baptism I interviewed one of the zone leaders investigators named Kerlin. He is super funny and I am pretty sure he is 9. He stole something the other day and so in the interview I asked Kerlin if he had committed a serious crime. He told me no. I then said Kerlin, you've never stolen something? And he said no. I then said Kerlin you didn't steal anything in the last couple of days and he finally admitted that he stole some chips from gas station down the street and that he was now banned from going there. It was really! But he has since repented and is good to go for his baptism. After the baptism of the Kanu family on Saturday I interviewed another missionaries set of investigators who will be baptized next week. Kevin is aound 35 and has a daughter who is 8. And Kevin is probably the most prepared person for baptism that I have ever seen. He told me that he has a chronic pain syndrome where he is constantly in pain. he was switching between medicines about 6 years and nothing was working, so he finally decided to end his life. In the process, two missionaries knocked on his door and saved his life without there knowing. And now 6 years later he has finally accepted the gospel and is going to be baptized next week. He is a great man and will be baptized next week.
Our district has seen so many miracles! Our goal for April is 5 baptisms, and 4 were baptized Saturday and 4 more will be baptized on the 26th. What a miracle!
Elder Standage and I continue to work hard. We are looking to set some dates with investigators this upcoming week for may! I love you all! Stay close to the Lord. And I hope you had a good Easter!
Love always,
Elder Caleb James Wardle