Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello all you beautiful people!

This week was so great. We taught a good amount of lessons and saw a bunch of miracles this week. Manchester is really growing. And we are really becoming united as Branch members to work toward a common goal of 24 baptisms this year. It's awesome to see everyone so united in doing the Lord's work.
Well, on Tuesday we weer going to have a lesson with Jose and Jessica but they canceled because they were busy. But president Johnson asked us if we wanted to go out to Independence with him so that w could visit Brother Ledjte. And of course we accepted. Free miles and a lesson? Of course! It was great of President Johnson to drive us out there. We talked about how the missionary work was going and it really is strengthening to know that He is by our side. Brother Ledjte is doing well. His Chemotherapy (sp?) is going well and he isn't as fatigued as he was a while go. So his health is improving. which is fantastic. President Johnson invited him out to church on Sunday and he said that he wold know better by Friday if he could make it. So we set up another appointment to go see him. We asked him what it was that made him know the church was true and be baptized when in 2001. And he said that he knew the church was true mainly because of the faith of the missionaries. He said that because they had so much faith to put there lives on hold for two years and come out and profess what they know to be true that it must be! He also said that He missed the missionaries coming out to his place. So we need to go see him more often. He is a great man. On Wednesday we contacted a lot of potential investigators. And we set up a lot of appointments for later in the week. We were able to track down a former investigator named James Ramsey who used to live in Dundee but recently moved to Manchester. He invited us back for a lesson which was awesome! 
On Thursday we had interviews with President Jensen. We talked a ton about jose and Jessica and the whole marriage situation and he gave us permission to sped a couple hours at the court house talking with people and seeing what it we need to have to get them a marriage license. President Jensen also talked about how the area is looking and how our companionship is going. And of course I could only report great things since only great things are happening here and between Elder MacDonald and I. President said that normally when the training is done, the trainer leaves and the trainee stays in the area and gets a new companion or trains. But that was when we had 40 missionaries coming into the mission each transfer. Now there is only about 15 coming in each transfer. So things are going back to normal. So anything could happen this transfer. We could stay together, I could leave, He could leave. So we will see. I would love to stay another transfer with Elder MacDonald. He is so fun and I love Manchester to death. 
Thursday night we had a lesson with Lisa and Brother Bockenstedt, our branch mission leader came along. Lisa has met with missionaries for about a year now. and she knows the church is true. She just needs the faith to be baptized. She realizes that it will be a big change for her. And her mother wouldn't be to happy about her joining either. Well the lesson went super well and we invited her to be baptized on February 22nd and she accepted. We invited her to church and she accepted to do so as well. So Thursday was just a spiritually packed day. I don;t think I have ever the Spirit so much as I had to when we taught Lisa. It was crazy. We got out of the lesson and said the biggest prayer of gratitude when we got home. After the prayer Elder MacDonald and I both just knelt there with our faces buried in our arms on our chair, and we both just cried because we were so happy. It was such a great experience. 
On Friday we cut wood for the Weber's and then headed out to Independence. We talked to Brother Ledjte and he said he wasn;t willing to come to church. Which was disappointing but people have there agency. 
On Saturday we talked with Dennis and had a lesson with him. We just asked him questions about his family and what he thinks Heaven will be like. We asked him if he believes he and his wife will be there together. And he said, I suppose if she gets there. So we think that Eternal marriage might be the link that will get us in. We are just taking things slow. We also taught Jose and we discussed some questions he had about certain things. About Adam and Eve, the God head, and baptism. He understands why he needs to be living the commandments before he gets baptized. He wants his baptism to be something big for him. He wants to do what's right and we love him for it. 
Sunday was great, Lisa texted us in the morning and said she changed her mind about coming to church which was a bummer. But Jose showed up in a suit ad tie and it was amazing.
I want you all to know that the atonement is real. The Savior suffered for each and everyone of us. I love you all so much. Stay safe. 
Love Elder Caleb James Wardle