Monday, October 14, 2013

Family and Friends

This week has had it's ups and downs. We got great numbers this week as far as the amount of lessons we taught to less active members of the church but we struggled with Anthony. It seems like something is holding him back. He didn't end up getting baptized on Friday but we will contnue to meet with him. Hopefully we can reset a date so that he has something to look forward to. The biggest issue is his mom. he doesn't have suport from her. If we could reactivate her and get her going to church again it would change Anthony's attitude toward church and baptism completely. he has it stuck in his head that he has to give up the music he listens when there is no profanity or insinuating lyrics and he loves caffeine. But those are things he can keep. In the lords eyes he is ready to be baptized. But he is having a hard time seeing that. And with him not being very receptive to us we may not have any investigators here pretty soon. Elder Tanner and I have set a goal to talk to 5 people a day (besides our regular lessons) about the gospel. We trust the Lord to send someone in our path. Elder Berthold went home on thursday and Elder Tanner and I are together and he is going to finish up my training. I look forward to working hard with him. We are really trying to consecrate ourselves and put our hearts into it. And that's going to be especially important as we strive to find new investigators. Hopefully we can see the fruits of our tracting. And we hope to find someone who is interested. Our mission fasted this Sunday for our goal of 550. We are at 382 so we have a long ways to go. But we pray every day for our goal and put forth as much effort as we possibly can. I love this work. I truly do. Its so great to be consistently studying the gospel, teaching people about Christ, and perfecting self mastery in myself. Ive been thinking about why we follow the commandments and the mission rules. Literally everything we do in this life, everything we strive for and our main goal, is to increase how often we have the spirit. We have and follow the word of wisdom so we can get and maintain the spirit, we worship Heavenly Father so we can feel the Spirit. We as missionaries don't watch tv or listen to music that doesn't bring the spirit. My only purpose as a missionary is to have the Spirit and help others feel it by teaching truth. So I continually pray and seek for it.
 Its amazing to be able to feel it as often as we do. I hope the best for you all. Keep your heads high. And keep pushing forward. I love you all so much. Continue to pray for the missionaries around the world. They need it. Keep safe.
Elder Wardle