Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What a week

Family and Friends,
Im so excited to hear that Camberley arrived safely and I got pictures in the mail on Friday which was sweet. Congratulations Charity and Anthony. Ive been reflecting on how grateful I am for each of you. You really do keep pushing me forward and it' the absolute best to be able to come home to a letter or to a picture of my family and friends. So thank you for that.
Well like I said, Anthony was pretty skeptical about being baptized. But we had a dinner and a lesson with him and Elder Berthold was able to take him to the side and talk to him about it. basically Anthony just didn't feel ready. His mom is inactive and basically just told him that he has to be perfect after he s baptized. Which isn't true at all. he is so ready. And a great example to me. how many 13 year olds do you know that can bring a 9 year old brother and a 7 year old sister to church on Sunday? That's amazing. Plus church is a place for imperfect people. That's why it's called a ward. Similar to a hospital ward where people need fixing. That's why they called Christ the great physician. He heals us spiritually. So it was great that we were able to figure that out with him. Laurie called us monday right after we emailed so I wasn't able to include that in last weeks. But we had fasted and prayed for a way to get in contact with her an we received revelation that we should write her a letter. So we did, and she received it and called us immediately and said she would be at church on Sunday and that she was just caught up with work and with a whole lot of stuff. Well yesterday was Fast Sunday once again and we prayed and prayed that she would be able to make it to church and the dinner that we had set up for her. We called her friday saturday and sunday and morning, left messages and she didn't show... so that was a bummer. We don;t know what to do. But there is a saying in the mission. PUSH then LEAD. Pray Until Something Happens then Love Enlightens And Directs. So we will continue to PUSH at this point. Preach My Gospel talks about being bold with people. So thats what I think needs to happen next. She is more ready than anyone I have ever seen. She wants it deep down she just can't see it yet. So we will try to help her with it. Well, we tried to have a lesson with Randina this week. And after how good our first lesson went we were pretty set on her having us back. But we called her and she said that she was comfortable with being a methodist and that's where she wanted to stay. So we just told her to continue to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. And either it's true and she changes her life forever, or she was uplifted by good scripture. Thats all we asked. And she said she would. So we will try and follow up with her and see what happens. I just want you all to know I love you. Your the best. And you really do make it easier out here. So thank you for that. I love this work. elder Berthold bore his last testimony as a missionary yesterday. He said that a mission, wether old or young is the best decision anyone could ever make. I personally plan on serving as many as I possibly can down the road. Everyone owes it to themselves, to God, but especially they owe it to their family. I have seen my family strengthened so much just in this past month. And if you are not capable of serving, I encourage you to just share. Invite people to non threatening activities like Ward bbq's or to basketball on thursday nights or to a halloween party. And then once you've planted that seed, ask them if they want to learn more. And if they don't that's completely fine. I love you all. your amazing. Keep up the good work. And I will see you soon.
Much love,
Elder Wardle