Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Family and Friends

This week was tough. Again. Elder Tanner has been taking things a little harder than I have been though since he is the senior companion and all. But I don't blame him. People have just been canceling on us like crazy. Which stinks and gets us really stressed. Anyways, we hope to find people to teach soon. 
The members are doing so great. We teach five families on a weekly basis about how to become better missionaries and they absorb it so well. It's amazing. Everyone has been inviting and they have all been super stoked about everything we teach and about becoming better. They all want miracles. And I know that if we put our faith in the lord we get there. It's been awesome to see them all progress. Hopefully we can teach someone. Elder Tanner and I sometimes get frustrated because we go spirit finding and then doors are closed on us. And then we will be doing something and talk to someone and they will accept the message. And we get their address and they end up being in a different set of missionaries area. We just referred a girl named Katrina to the zone leaders and now she is a new investigator. which means she accepted the invitation to baptism. and the BorBor family was baptized recently and elder tanner and elder Berthold found them too. But they weren't in our area. So our prayers are being answered because we ask the Lord to bring us to those who are ready. And He does. We just don't get to teach them. so it's a little bit rough. But as long as we are inviting others to come unto Christ we are fulfilling our purpose.
Bishop Dupree has been feeding elder Tanner and I every night because Elder tanner was told by missionary medical that he needed to gain 100 pounds... so we've been trying. And Bishop kind of took that upon himself and is now feeding us every night. And it's great for elder Tanner... terrible for me... 
But I do love you all and I hope for the best for each and everyone of you. keep praying and keep reading your scriptures. I feel your prayers. I truly do. And I thank you for everything that you have done for me. Stay strong. and remember to look up :)
Elder Wardle