Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fambamily and Friends

What a great week. Things are always amazing out here in the mission field. It seems like life can't get better and then it does with conference and what not. I really appreciate the words of the prophets. Its amazing to feel their love as we listen and pray about what they said. I know that they all truly are speaking the words Heavenly Father would have us hear. Well \, transfers are on Thursday. And elders only get 16 of them... so Im 1/16th done with my mission. which is ridiculous to me. Time is flying. I asked President Jensen to extend my mission in the last letter I sent. Elder Berthold mentioned that He has been asking for one since his third transfer and I figured if I wanted to make it actually happen (which it probably won't) I should ask as soon as possible.He replied to me and just didn't mention anything... so that's interesting aha. I got to go on exchanges with one of the Elder Weiss today. He's a phenomenal guy. He's going AP for sure. I can just see it in his dedication and he is consistently exactly obedient. Which is what a leader should be. I learned a lot from him as well. He is 10 months out. I asked him what the most important thing he has learned since being a leader was and he said "Humility. It's hard to tell people who are older than you or the same age even what to do, but when I find the most success in my mission and leadership is when I humble myself before the Lord." So that's what my focus has been. Im trying to humble myself and I know that when I do that and when our whole disrict and zone do that, we will begin to see miracles. We continue to work with members. We have five families that we focus on and we challenged them all to look for the blessings and promises of doing member missionary work. And look at the outpouring of blessings that the apostles promised us. Missionary work is a commandment from the prophet. Its now the time for members and missionaries to work as one. We can't do it alone anymore. Tracting barely works. The best referrals are the ones from members in the ward. So we hope to be able to continue meeting with them and strengthening them. The best thing members can do is to be an FFT (Finder, Fellowshipper, Testifier) That's how simple it is. Invite people to come to church. When you see someone new or someone who hasn't been there in a while say hi. and bare your testimony to them. Go out with the missionaries.
Anyways, Im just super passionate about it. And I want to see miracles, but I want to see them with the members. It will be amazing. We got to meet with Anthony this week. And he expressed more concerns about baptism. He is supposed to be baptized this friday but his mom is super stressed because she is out of work, has 3 kids, and is struggling with her testimony as well. But we will strive to help her with this as well. she may call it off if he doesn't so we are kind of stepping in grey area. But I asked Anthony: Do you feel the spirit when we come over and teach you and at church? yes. Well where do you think that's coming from? God. And what is he trying to tell you? I need to be baptized. So he knows what the right path is we just need to get him to take it. we invited him to pray and to ask the person who knows. Heavenly Father. We want him to take God's word for it not ours. But we know this will bring him peace. So we will see how things pan out. I loved the words of Elder Uchtdorf and they are perfect for this situation. Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. If only we could help Anthony understand that. I love you all. And I am truly grateful for each of you. Ive been sending a bunch of letters... mainly because I didn't know that I am only supposed to be writing on Pday. I didn't know that. So hopefully I can keep it up. I will try my best. I love you all. Pray about what the prophet and his apostles have said. Pray like your life depends on it. I know that this church is true. Its something I would do anything to defend. Don't become casual. Don't stop doing what you are supposed to . Keep going. Your the best. I love ya.
Elder Wardle