Monday, December 2, 2013

I love you all so much

This week was great. We had a great Thanksgiving out here in Manchester! We first ate at the Weber's who have like 10 kids and the Bockensteads came as well. Brother Bockenstead is the first councilor in the Branch presidency and the Ward mission Leader. They have a great family. The  Weber's have a barn with a hay loft and in the hay loft they have a basketball court. So we got to play some ball which was awesome! The day before Thanksgiving we helped Borther Weber split some wood and I was soooo cold. But once we were doing it for about an hour I felt a whole lot better. The Weber's have 3 Foster children. And Julio is about to turn 8 so the East Elder's will be teaching him. But He looks exactly like Tony just a little bit older. And He acts like him too. It made me miss him so much. We played some sweet basketball together. He was on my team and I would pass it to him and then guard for him and He would make it every time. It was sweet. The Webers are amazing. I figured out at Church that just about everyone in the branch is a convert... It's incredible. These little towns in Iowa are really growing in regards to membership in  the church. It's awesome. The Branch will be ward soon. They just need 120 more members and they are set! aha. I love it out here though. Elder MacDonald and I get a long super well. We love serving together. It's the greatest, He is such a funny guy. We seriously could have been best friends in High School. He loves to work hard too. And He wants to be exactly obedient with me which is a good attribute to have in a new missionary. well in regards to the missionary work, We have been contacting a lot of the less actives and former investigators that are in our area book. We taught a 75 year old man named brother Ledjte who was baptized in 2001 a little about the importance of coming to church. We hope to get him reactivated and hope that he can feel the spirit as He strives to come back. He has lung cancer though and He has a hard time sitting through 3 hours of church. Plus He lives a half hour away and He can;t drive. So we have some hurdles to jump over. We have a lesson with lisa Sifrit tonight. Lisa was going to be baptized about a month and a half ago but she is afraid of Her family and how they will think of her. So we need to bare testimony about putting our trust in the Lord and knowing that He will always be there for us! Once we get more investigators and are teaching more these emails will be a little longer. but for now, I love you all. Please always remember that you have a Savior Jesus Christ who atoned for your sins. Use his grace. Puch forward. Enable his power. And I promise you that things will fall into place. I love and miss you all. 
Elder Caleb James Wardle