Monday, December 9, 2013

Mi familia y amigos

What a fun week! We had a great lesson with Lisa. She is awesome and is a golden investigator. She would be such a valuable asset to the Branch. She has such a wonderful testimony of service and loves to be involved in the community. The only issue is that Her mother is holding her back. Lisa has a younger brother who is looked down on by her family and she doesn't want them to do that same to her by Her joining the Church. But she knows it's true and she wants it really bad. She is just stuck. And she even admits to us that she has a hard time keeping commitments. She said "Can't you just come back after my mom passes away and then I can join the church?" I thought that was pretty funny. She understands how monumental the Book of Mormon and the restoration are. She just needs to take a leap of faith and then the rest of her life (including her family relationships) will all fall into place. So I hope she can get past that. She needs the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Does anyone have any advice? 
We had a great zone training on Thursday where we talked about covenants and what that means. And we also talked a little about the sacrament. So I wanted to share with you my thoughts and insights about the sacrament. It really opened up my eyes. Church leaders have said that when we take the sacrament we renew all covenants we have entered into with the Lord. Not just the baptismal covenant. I didn't know that!! How awesome. So I can literally start my mission over every week. I can say, ok Heavenly Father, I didn't do my best this week. But I promise that if you forgive me I will do my very best this week to fulfill my purpose. What a blessing. The Savior can take off my name tag that bares his name once a week and then He can put it on again like it's the first time. SO I don't have to dwell on the mistakes I made three months ago. I can look ahead and say ok I'm forgiven, now what can I do to push the work forward and to lengthen my stride. Anyways, the meaning of the sacrament hit me so hard and I have been taking the opportunity to take the sacrament for granted lately. I am so grateful
for it. I am grateful that I can renew my covenants and start fresh. What a wonderful feeling. 
We also talked about opening our mouths. And opening my mouth is something that has  come very forcefully into my mind at different times on my mission do far. Some weeks I think.. o.k. no investigators. I need to make  a goal to talk to atleast 10 people a day. And then some weeks we are doing pretty good so I neglect opportunities to talk to people. But we did a pretty good job this week. After zone training we drove back to Manchester and went to the Window Walk that they have every year here. We handed out pass along cards to people on the street. Talked with lots and lots of people and drank some hot chocolate at the same time. It was pretty sweet. I loved it. Anyways, it was just great to be able to go apply what we learned earlier in the day. I loved it. 
On Saturday Elder MacDonald and I had to do a lot of finding. And we had thought about where to go and we walked... in the freezing cold to Howard street. Nothing was really going our way so we left for a little bit and then Elder MacDonald was like... o.k. we need to go back. So we did and in five minutes we set up 2 appointments. Got a referral and contacted the referral and met a former investigator. It was sweet. And it was awesome to see the spirit work through Elder MacDonald like it did. It was great day. 
I love you all so much. Thanks for all that you do and all of your hard work and dedication to the Lord. Please keep pushing forward. I know that the Lord answers our prayers and Ipray for you all.
Love always,
Elder Caleb James Wardle