Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hello Hello Hello :)
This week was amazing. We saw many miracles. I can't believe that Elder Standage and I have all ready been together for more than a week. It's pretty crazy to think about. we have been doing some great work. We got 3 new investigators this week which was awesome. And two of them came from knocking doors. It's really kind of interesting to see how the Lord works sometimes. Elder Standage and I have only knocked on a few doors since we have been together, but the majority of the people we have talked with have been receptive. So it's been really cool.
Elder Standage is absolutely great. I think the thing I like about being a missionary is that I am still allowed to be myself. I don't have to be some robot that preaches the restored gospel. I was sent to the specific areas on my mission that I am in because my personality and Spirit are needed hear. And we are placed with certain companions because we are needed. And I feel that way with Elder Standage. We have been having a blast and we really push each other to work hard while it happens. It's awesome. We have developed a good sense of "whistling while you work" and it really pays off when things don't go well. But ultimately we are just extremely blessed for all that has been happening.
General Conference was absolutely amazing. I felt the spirit so strongly. I'm really grateful to have a living day prophet. Someone who can lead and guide us. It's an amazing thing.
The Des Moines District is doing great! When I first got hear we had o baptismal dates in the whole zone... and as of now we our zone has the most dates in the whole mission and our district has 12 dates. 10 of which are for April. So we are all working very hard and it's remarkable to see the progress of the missionaries that are here. I don't accredit the fact that we now have 12 dates in the District to the fact that I was called as District Leader (especially because I haven't don't much) but I am proud of all the missionaries and the work they are doing.
On there is a new video of Elaine Bradley who is the drummer for the Neon Trees which is my favorite band. So I was absolutely stoked about that! You should all check it out.
Well I love you all. Please stay safe and warm.
Love always,
Elder Wardle

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