Monday, May 19, 2014

I love my family

This week was great. Last night I got Skype my family which was awesome.
I love them so much and they inspire me each and every day. I love the opportunity that we have to be on missions but also to still remain in contact with Family. It's great to feel of their love and support.
Well, this week there isn't too much to report. We did have some really good lessons with some awesome people though. We met a man named Girmay and taught him Saturday night. Girmay is from Utopia which is awesome and he really wants to start coming back to church and he said he would like to learn to play the piano. Which Elder Standage and I could definitely help him with. So hopefully he goes somewhere and the experiences we have with him are uplifting. It was crazy because he lives in a  pretty ghetto apartment complex... and we called him and he said he would come outside and find us. But he didn't come out for like 10 minutes... so we just waited in the parking lot forever! And people were staring at us wondering who the heck we were. So it was pretty crazy. But things turned out well. He really liked us and invited us back.
We also took a member of our ward out with us named Aung Yo Trae. Aung is from Burma and speaks Karen. He is a sweet kid. He is 22 and he and his family joined the church in Salt Lake. He is awesome. And we went to 3 different places and he translated everything for us... So that was definitely an experience. he is a sweet guy. And he would make a good missionary. We had a lesson at the church that we needed him to translate for and the appointment fell through... but he called the person we were trying to meet with. His name is Say. Aung talked with Say for like 10 minutes and hung up the phone and then said that Say was going to come to his house and follow him to church in the morning. So that was awesome. Say seems pretty interested in the Gospel as well. So hopefully we can teach him in the future. Well I love you all. Keep hanging on to your testimonies. Thanks for everything you have given me. I appreciate each and everyone of you. Happy Mothers day!
Love Always,
Elder Caleb James Wardle

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