Sunday, October 5, 2014

This week was great :)

Family and friends,
Thanks so much for all of the wonderful emails. You are all stellar! Man, Life is so good right now. Elder Brooks and I continue to see tons of miracles as we work hard and we have so much fun doing it. I don;t have too much time today because I have to email President about the transfer recommendations for our zone since we see these missionaries weekly and know a lot about them. And that takes awhile so sorry if this is short :( 
We were able to teach a good number of lessons this week. Somehow in such a small we manage to stay really busy. I'm not quite sure how it happens. But it is really great to see the hand of the Lord help us stay busy. As we receive spiritual promptings and act on them the Lord will give us people to teach. Its incredible :)
This week we taught Kyle and he will be baptized this coming Saturday. He is super funny. We were learning about baptism in gospel principles and talking about what baptism was for. And he leaned over to me and said "I thought baptism was to make us invincible?" And I burst out laughing cause he said it in such a funny way. He's a great kid and we are excited for him to be baptized and he is excited as well. His baptism is this Saturday at 2 and we are stoked! 
Brianna is progressing really well. We had a lesson with her on Saturday night in a members home. And she said that she was feeling uneasy about her baptism date on September 13th and thought that it was coming too soon. She also felt that she would receive some ridicule from family and friends who aren't members of the church. So on Saturday night we kind of just threw everything into the Lords arms. There was nothing else that Elder Brooks nor I could say that would convince her that baptism is the right step for her. So we told her to fast and to pray and supplicate to the Lord for confirmation as to whether or not this was something that was right for her. It was very humbling to say to Heavenly Father that we needed  his help. And we do in our prayers all the time. But this time it was like... "O.k. Father we have set you up pretty good to be able to testify to this women that this is something that is right for her. We pray Father that a miracle will happen. we can;t do this alone. this is your work. so help us in it." And then we fasted on Sunday that something that was said at church would be beneficial to her or that she would feel more comfortable about things. And then church went great. And then we had a lesson with her on Sunday night in the Bishops home and talked to her again. And she felt better about things! We asked her all of the interview questions and she felt good about them! What a miracle! We did all that we could to invite a miracle to happen and it did! What a blessing. I know that as we put faith in our Heavenly Father he will bless us with the desires of our hearts. We as missionaries need to do all that we can to invite miracles to happen in the lives of others. Fasting works. Faith works. I testify that the Savior lives and I love you all so much!
Elder Caleb James Wardle

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