Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I love you all

Family and Friends,
This is honestly the best place on Earth. Besides home of course. I don't know if you have received my letters yet as the mail room is super backed up. I haven't gotten yours either but I hope to read them. I can't describe it here. The spirit is exhausting. Im consistently tired which I dont think I have ev er felt in my life before. The foods good but kinda just runs through me. I love my camponions, (yes two) Elder Raddatz and Elder Nelson. they are Zone Leaders and I am the District Leader. I have had some extremely spiritual experiences. Some I will share and some I cant due to lack of time and the more personal ones I will keep to myself. 
First off, being the District leader is extremely rewarding. I have never prayed so hard in my life. I say three prayers each morning and night, a personal prayer, companionship prayer and a residence prayer. And although I love praying with others, I find that the revelation comes the most when I pray at night on my knees in bed (I'm on the top bunk). For the first time ever I asked Heavenly Father specific questions and got specific answers immediately. But not immediately after. The revelation come with asking the question whcih was super stange for me. Heavenly Father, what attribute can I study to more fully have the character of christ? And as i asked I envisioned myself flipping through the Bible Dictionary to Charity. So if that's not revelation I dont know what is. I pray for all of the members of the district (District 64C) as individuals, companionships, and a district as whole. I pray to know and discern what they need and how I can best help them. What I can teach, What goals we can set and it's extremly rewarding to help them. Ive given a blessing and can't explain how much being able to hold the Lords priesthood means to me. Today we went to the temple and for the first time I was able to go with a question and feel that it was answered. 
We teach investigators in the Teaching Resource Center (TRC) and that was an experience. We were assigned to teach Belinda who lives in Singapore. Some of the people we teach are Non Members, reactivated members, and some are actually not members of the church. So no matter what you are trying to improve the investigators testimony. It feels real. Anyways we were supposed to pretend we were in Singapore as the missionaries there which was cool. Belinda has no Christian background and really doesnt believe in God. Sghe asked us "Why does it matter if He's real? If I know he is real then I tell peple he is and life goes on, if he's not I tell people he isn't and life goes on." That was a tough question. And all though during that lesson we didn't teach much doctrine, We did teach her how to pray and she committed to do that. Belinda was a tough cookie. It seemed as if she didn't care. She was referred to the church by an inactive friend. And remarkably she showed up. (Atleast this is the "story" as we heard it) The branch president contacted us and we got her adress and showed up. WE discussed God and how he has a plan for her. We asked her how do you know what's good and bad in the world? And she says well my father told me what to do and I did it. We related that to Heavenly Father and He has a plan for her. She agreed with that I guess. She then asked us if we were happy and we said we were happy because we knew the Lord. She then said ok, if someone hands you some food and you try it and you like it do you get more? We all said yes... and then she said that's not me. I take two bites and send it on over to the next person. So basically her point was that you can either be happy or sad. Its black and white. Theres no in between. To combat that we said Belinda all that we ask is that you try the food we have to offer ( our message) and if it doesn't make you happier then send us on your way. So she agreed. Before we taught her how to pray she asked us if we had ever eaten monkey brain... I said no but Ive always wanted to try it (as to not offend her culture) and she said don't. The monkey is still alive while you eat its brain... We then told her that we agreed that thats disgusting. Hows that for an experience? Thats enough about Belinda
Sunday was great. We got to attend a fantastic devotional by Vei Sikehema, who went to BYU for football and went pray. After that we watched a recording of a talk called "The Character of Christ" which David A. Bednar gave in the MTC last Christmas. This is the only place you can watch it. It changed my life more than any other talk ive heard. I would describe it to you if I could. Basically I learned that I need to always look outward not inward. And I knew that before I just never realized how important that was.
I love you all. Tuesday is my Pday just so you know. I love it here so much. Ive experienced so much growth. I challenge you all to start praying like your life depended on it. Because it does. Set aside the things of this world and seek for a greater. I can't express to you enough how much I miss you all. It was hardest on Friday. It hit me like a brick wall. Im here. I cant see them. I cant see their love. But I can definitely feel it...Send the Bishop and the ward my love. Tell them they shaped me in to who I am.
I love you all.

Elder Wardle

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