Monday, August 19, 2013

Letter #1: First day in MTC

August 14th, 2013

Mom, Dad, Miranda, Chubs, and Family

So it's my first night here and I can't describe how excellent my day has been. I'm absolutely exhausted and can't think straight because we woke up so early. But I'll be so energetic tomorrow it will not be even funny. So I arrived and got a bunch of information, saw where I'm staying and then went over to a classroom to meet my companions, yes I'm in a trio companionship. It's been super fun getting to know my companions. Elder Radattz is from Idaho and Elder Nelson is from Mesa, AZ. We had a chance to meet the missionaries...sorry not missionaries, well they are actually set apart but that's beside the point. So I met the MTC President and his wife and they are fantastic. After dinner we had teaching experiences where we had teaching experiences where we had to try and discern what a contact was struggling with in their life. Following the spirit can be hard at times but I know that Father will bless me for being his tool. We can't teach without him. We can't be His servant and not have His spirit. Elder Nelson has shown a lot of strength. After one of the investigators shared an experience about the death of her father with us, a group about 80, Elder Nelson spoke up and talked about the death of his brother. He was killed in a car accident that he was also involved in. The investigator was so thankful because he was so genuine with her. I guess that's what I've learned so far. That people don't care about what you have to say until they know that you care. I hope to be able to show people my sincerity. I truly love the gospel. These past few days have been extremely emotional. Because I'm going to miss you all a ton, You all do mean the world to me and I'm only out here because of you. Because I want others to have what we have. It's something miraculous. I'll write as much as possible....

Pray for me and write. I love you all.

Elder Wardle

850 missionaries arrived today
3000 missionaries in the MTC
The MTC choir is 1300 missionaries. I'll be one.

Caleb's mailing address for the MTC is:
Elder Caleb James Wardle
2009 N 900 E Unit 170
Provo UT 84602

Caleb's estimated departure from the MTC to Iowa is August 28th.

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