Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy St Pattys Day!!!

This week was pretty good as always! We saw Andrew a couple of times because his parents came to pick him for Spring Break and take him back home for a week. And he is planning on telling his parents that he got baptized after he gets back from spring break in a letter. He wanted to see them one last time and get some of his belongings just in case they kick him out for good. He is a great guy and has so much faith. I hope everything goes well, and I have faith that the Lord knows the master plan. He knows the way things need to go so that Andrew can grow. And so that his family can as well. So continue to pray for him. He needs as many prayers as he can get.
This week we also had an opportunity to hear from Brother McConkie of the General Sunday School Presidency. He came to have a fireside with the Des Moines stake, but he had some of the missionaries around Des Moines come for a special meeting as well. It was awesome to be a part of that and to shake his hand! He told us a lot. He started off by having us think about the teachers that have had the biggest impact in our lives and I thought a lot about Brother Carter, my Priests quorum adviser, and the Carrs who taught me in Sunday school. And I have realized more and more why they had such an impact on my life. And I truly believe it is because they just loved what they did, and more importantly they loved me. They had a genuine concern for me, and how I was doing. And that was the most important thing I saw in them. I didn't dread going to those classes because I knew that I was loved and needed and wanted. That was a big change in my spiritual progression as a youth. And I owe a lot to them for just loving me. And I have been realizing that we cannot do this work without loving those we teach. We can't do it. If the love isn't there, if they can't see how much we care, then they won't want to make the commitment. They won't be drawn to us. We will just be missionaries or home teachers or visiting teachers rather than friends who are generally concerned for them. The love has to be there. And it's something I have been lacking a little bit I think. I hope I can gain more love for those I work with and for the Savior.
Brother McConkie also talked about asking the questions that will make people think. Instead of asking what is faith, maybe ask when is a time you have exercised faith? Or how has your faith helped you in your life? Rather than asking someone to recite knowledge that they know, we need to ask them to recite experiences to us, we need to get them to speak from their hearts. Questions are everything. And it's amazing!
Well, I love you all! Thanks for everything that you have given me. For your time and efforts and for your testimonies. Please never forget the Savior. He is everything. Love those you interact with. And please pray like your life depends on it. Because it does!
Love Always,
Elder Wardle

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