Monday, March 24, 2014

March 10, 2014

This week was another great one. We had a great district meeting and I had the opportunity to train on Developing Christlike attributes. Specifically humility and patience. And it was great to be able to study those topics a little bit more. My mission has truly opened my eyes to a lot of things. I think the main thing is that my thoughts have turned from secular things to things that actually matter and will help me eternally progress. It's amazing to see the difference in my life and the amount of happiness that focusing on the savior can bring. I have been focusing on repentance as well. And repenting daily. And it has really brought the spirit into my life. I encourage you all to repent daily. And to really focus on the blessings that the Savior has given you. Each day we can look for the hand of the lord. And we can truly feel his magnitude if we just look for the blessings he gives us daily. I know that the Lord loves us.
This week we visited a few people. Andrew is doing well. He has a friend who recently became a Christian and he has had a few questions about the church and what we believe. We were able to meet him and talk with him about the gospel. He had a lot of questions. Somewhat Anti arguments as well. But we were able to expound on all of his questions. And we really played "Defense" during the whole discussion. We came back to see Andrew the next day after we talked to his friend because we didn't get to talk to Andrew too much. But when we cam back the next day his friend was there again and we talked with him again. So he is obviously pretty interested. We tried to explain to him that we know these things because we have a testimony of the book of Mormon. And he thought we were putting just a little too much trust in the Book of Mormon. But we put trust in the testimony that we have received from Heavenly Father that the Book of Mormon is true. So really we are just trusting Heavenly Father. Anyways, it was a real testimony builder to talk with his friend. Andrew did a good job testifying as well.
Anyways, this week was great. I love you all! And I hope you are doing well.
Elder Wardle

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