Monday, June 23, 2014

This week was great!

Hello all you beautiful people :)
this week was probably the best I have had on my mission as far as numbers go. We had some prompting to go contact people that turned into some investigators and it was really amazing. We also have a good friend in the ward who is 21 named Aung. He is from Thailand/Burma and he speaks Karen and Burmese. He is so involved in missionary work and he came to all of our lessons and translated for us in the lessons where they couldn't speak English. This week we taught 5 lessons with Aung, 2 other lessons by ourselves and then some other lessons to members and recent converts and less actives. We found 7 new investigators this week! Which is more than I have found in a week on my mission which is awesome. and we set two baptismal dates this week as well making our total 5! So that was awesome.
On Friday I took Elder Powell (He is a member of the District and we were on exchanges.) to go see a lady names NawBaw who speaks Karen. We took Aung with us so that he could translate. Her boys are Than zao oo (14) DayDay Poe (11) and HayNaySay (8) and they are all unbaptized. So we taught them the restoration and invited them to be baptized. And they  accepted and in the same lesson we extended a date to be baptized and we set it for July 19th. So hopefully they can pull through. They had baptism dates in the past and were ready to be baptized but they didn't pass the interview for some reason. So hopefully we can get them going again. And they can make that covenant with our Heavenly Father. HayNaySay doesn't technically count as a new investigator because he is only 8 but we want to help him get baptized as well.
We met a Burmese speaking family Friday and went back on Saturday to teach them. I can't pronounce there names and especially don't know how to write them. But they are great as well and accepted the invitation to be baptized. We also met an African man who grew up in France named Felix who we saw Sunday morning and invited him to be baptized as well. Felix is really cool. He said he has been baptized before but would do it again if God told him to do so. he prayed in French at the end of the lesson because his English isn't too great.
James Cleon came to church for the 3rd time, but he didn't show up at our lesson last night, he works a ton and was probably sleeping. It was such a hassle getting Calvin Barley, another investigator of ours to church! He has a baptismal date for June 21st but has only been to church once. He We told him during our lesson on Saturday that he couldn't be baptized on the 21st if he didn't make it to church. So we told him to tell his mother Dora to call Brother Turner who is the ride coordinator in the ward and get a ride to pick them up. So we left and then went over at 8 oclock and talked to Comfort his grandmother, and told her to call the ride coordinator as soon as we left and told her that Calvin can't be baptized unless he gets to church. So she said she would call. Sunday morning we called at 9 and woke Comfort up and said that none of them would be coming to church because they weren't feeling good. So we reminded her that Calvin who is 10 couldn't be baptized unless he made it to church. We told her to wake him up and get him reaedy and a ride would be there to pick him at 10:30. So we frantically tried calling people to see who could give him a ride. We finally got a hold of Brother marsden who is awesome. And he said he could pick them up! what a miracle! We then went back over to calvin's at 10 and made sure that he was ok and ready to go and he and Lisa who is 6 were ready to go. so they made it! It was crazy though! Hopefully we can see him a lot this week and get him prepared for baptism. He's awesome.
I had the opportunity of singing in church with Brother Henry who is my favorite guy in the whole world. He does so much for us and he is incredible. But we sang Jesus, Savior Pilot Me. And I really felt the spirit and I think every one else did as well. It was great! Well, that was our week! So many miracles and so many blessings!
I know that we have a Savior Jesus Christ who loves us! And I know that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet and restore the Church of Christ on to the Earth today. I love this gospel so much and especially the opportunity that I have to serve my Father in Heaven for two years! Thanks for all that you do for me :)
At the zoo...I'm a sea turtle! 

this is a dummy that Elder Standage and I made for when we role play... Hisname is dave the dummy...

Present opening. I love cheezits! 

Crazy bird...not me the thing on the rock. 
Love Ya!
Elder Caleb James Wardle

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