Monday, January 26, 2015

Family and Friends :) (11-3-2014)

Hello! How is everyone doing? Things are going great here in Fairfield. Plenty of people to work with and everyone is so amazing. We currently have 5 people scheduled for baptism here in the Fairfield ward. Two here in the South area and the North Elders have 3. So things are going great! This week was insanely busy for us. We had a meeting last Sunday (Stake Coordination Meeting) that took all day, a meeting on Tuesday (MLC) that took all day. A meeting on Thursday (Zone Training Meeting) that took most of the day. And then Stake conference on Saturday as well Sunday. So this week has been crazy! We have just been trying to make sure all of our investigators are doing o.k. and that they are progressing. Daniel wasn't able to make it to church this week. That was a bummer. So we had to move his Baptismal date back. He had a friend come in to town that he hasn't seen in a really long time and he had to take him back to the Bus stop on Sunday around noon. So that conflicted with his church attendance :( bummer! But we are doing all that we can this week to get him there. He is such a good kid. And everybody needs to be baptized! So we are doing all that we can. We also met with Jessica this week. And she is progressing really nicely. She is scared to enter a new church for several reasons. Her pastor at her church that she currently attends is definitely going to give her a hard time. She has been baptized before and doesn't know quite yet if God wants her to be baptized again, and she would have to drive a half hour every Sunday to church when she currently drives about 5. This week we just really focused on baptism for the remission of sins. We told Jessica that this (Nov. 22nd) was the first day in her life that she would truly access the atonement. And it was her day. Her special day to make a covenant with God. And we think that helped her a little more. Instead of focusing on Priesthood authority and going about baptism that way, we felt that helping her gain a testimony through prayer and church attendance would be better than just simply giving her an understanding of the Gospel. Faith and testimony trump understanding. She is progressing really nicely though. Pray that she can continue to experience the blessings of the Gospel. She came to church and really enjoyed Stake Conference. What a blessing it is to hear inspired words from inspired Leaders of God!
Other than those two we are really just trying to grow our teaching pool by focusing on talking to everyone and opening our mouths. And knocking more doors! It actually works :) It's awful when it is all you are doing. But it is important to at least some sort of finding every day. I truly have a testimony of this wonderful gospel. Its true! And I know that! I'm grateful for the holidays. Elder Belliston and I carved some sweet pumpkins on Friday. I love you all so much!

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