Monday, January 26, 2015

Wonderful Week (11-10-2014)

Family and Friends! How are ya? I hope things are going swell and the weather isn't harshin on anyone's mellow too bad. Today is actually beautiful. 65 degrees :) hooray! But this is supposed to be the last good day until Spring. I guess we will have a day here where the high will be like 21.... So yeah. Winter is definitely here! It came so quickly! 
We had a wonderful week here in the Fairfield South area :) We found five new investigators and set one of them on date. We were teaching a boy named Justin awhile back who had a baptismal date for a really long time. But we could never get in contact with his Mother to get consent for him to be baptized. And lately we have had a hard time meeting with him. But on Saturday we got a hold of his mother Terri and taught her and set a date with her for December 20th and then she came to church on Sunday! Miracles all around :) She just has to quit smoking in order to be baptized. But she did mention to us that she doesn't want to be baptized without Justin... Hooray!
She is doing well. A couple of our baptismal dates fell off. We weren't able to get in contact with Daniel and he didn't make it to church. We are going to try our best to reset a date with him this week. And Jessica's father gave her a hard time about meeting with us. So she called her fellowshipper and said that she doesn't want to meet with us again. But we will definitely get her back :) She is great girl. And she will definitely be baptized in the future.
We taught a number of different people this week. A Messianic Jew, an ex gangbanger from Chicago, her friend, and a single mom with two kids trying to make ends meet. The Gospel is for everyone. No matter who you are, it will change your life! And I have a wonderful testimony of that. 
Because it is the season of giving (all though it should always be) some members here have been taking really good care of us. Every Sunday we get notes on our door or in our mail box that are anonymous. And they have some awesome clues that we have to piece together in order to find a care package of food. For instance this week all of the Elders in the Fairfield ward got a slip of paper. When we placed them together they said "do YoU WaNt sOme MOre? bEcause I was just wonderiNG?" So all the capitalized letters are Y,U,W,N,O,M,O,E,,N,G and it unscrambled to the words Young Women. So we went to the Young Womens room in the church and found a bag of marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate so that we could make smores :) How cool is that! This ward is the best! ahaha. Anyways, I hope you all have a fantastic week! Stay strong, and keep pushin on! 
Love ya!
Elder Caleb James Wardle

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