Monday, January 26, 2015

Forgiveness (11-17-2014)

Dear Family :)
Im just going to start saying that now since you are all like family to me :) Elder Belliston and I had a wonderful week. Full of preachin and teaching and inviting people to be baptized. That is probably one of the greatest experiences on a mission. Inviting one of Gods children to make a covenant with him. Holy cow. The spirit is so stinking strong when you invite. And usually the response is generally uplifting. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to go on exchanges in Washington. That place is pretty cool. The Elder's don't have too many investigators currently so we went looking for some. And it was stinking cold. Last Monday it was 65 degrees and then the Lord played some games with me and shot the temperature down to 25 the day that I would have to be walking in it. So that was fun! I have been bundled up pretty warm the past couple of days which has been good. On Wednesday we just went out and did our thing. Talking with everyone and driving all over the place. And then on Thursday we drove up with the North Elders to our mission tour with Elder Cardon of the Seventy. He gave a sweet talk in conference awhile back so if you get a chance you should check it out :) But the mission tour was great. We had a Mission Leadership council with him before the meeting where we talked about the culture of the Iowa Des Moines Mission. And ultimately just sitting in that meeting, I was just pondering how much I have loved my mission. It has seriously taught me so much. I have made wonderful friends, and just learned things that I never that I could know. The traditions in this mission are absolutely amazing. There is just a spirit of obedience here that is unlike any other thing t hat I have been a part of. Elder Cardon is a great man. It's always fun to hear stories form members of the seventy who have sat at the feet of the prophets and apostles. Elder Cardon says that Boyd K. Packer's hates these five words "I'm sorry to disturb you" Elder Packer is just as much a servant as anyone else. So he is never disturbed because he is doing the Lord's work. That's pretty amazing 
On Friday, I wasn't feeling too hot but we still did work. Taught a few good lessons. On Saturday we made some cookies and tried to get as many people out to church as we could. People really like cookies. We got one of our investigators out to church named Virgilia and then set a date with her for December 20th! Hooray! Hopefully things work out with that. We will try to get her to feel the Love of God and the truthfulness of the message with her as strongly as possible. Miracles are happening!  Virgilia has had an interesting life. Full of questions of what to believe and where to go to church on Sunday. So we spoke with her about the message of the Restoration. And she really enjoyed. She has decided to pray about what is right :) Hopefully that goes stellar. Yesterday there were some pretty amazing talks at church. oooh I almost forgot! Elder Belliston and I sang Jesus the very thought of thee in Sacrament meeting. It went really great. He has a wonderful voice and we have seen or been in a lot of the same musicals so we are just constantly singing Broadway and Disney. It's awesome. In Sacrament meeting we learned about forgiveness. It was a great talk! And I studied it again to day. And forgiveness is everything. I love the scripture that talks about how when we don't forgive we have the greater sin. So we need to forgive everybody. I love the Lord and  I love this gospel. It has brought me so much peace and joy. 
Elder Caleb James Wardle

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