Monday, January 26, 2015

New Investigators and an Engagement (1-12-2015)

Dear Family,
Wow, what a week. We were blessed a ton. And it seems like life just can;t get any better. And then more wonderful blessings keep coming. So I don't even know what to do with myself because the Lord is blessing us so much. It's so great. This week we found four new investigators. Our teaching pool has gotten pretty bignLife is just so great! aha. 
A little bit of news. Elder Belliston will be going home on Thursday :( So I will be blessed with a new companion on Thursday. greatest thing about being a zone leader is that you don't have to worry who you will get as companion because you know that they are going to be obedient and they will know how to do great work. So am I excited! 
We taught Kim this week. Twice actually. She is doing really well. And she has really felt the Savior changing her life. Its amazing. She has been ravages with several addictions and now she is feeling herself being freed because of the Savior. It's been wonderful for her to be able to meet with us and we are learning so much from her true repentance. She is amazing.
We met with a wonderful girl named Allison this week as well. She is another friend of a return missionary in the ward. And she just hasn't felt forgiven for some of the things she has done. So we are striving to help her feel forgiveness through repentance. 
I have such a wonderful testimony of forgiveness. It's amazing. Because of the atonement of the Savior we can all feel forgiveness.
So... the engagement party!! 
We were told last night to go to the Clemons house at 6 so that we could watch the CES devotional. And that's what we did... but no YSA people were there. But The entire Clemons clan (there is like 13 of them) and Emily Clemons bf's family was there. So we were invited in and there was a bunch of food. And we were just so confused with what was going on. aha. Wheres the devotional?! Anyways, Edward proposed to Emily! It was crazy! ahaha. I wrote all about it in my journal. It was awesome. I didn't think I would witness that on my mission!
Anyways, I love you all! Thanks for all that you do!
Elder Wardle

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