Monday, January 26, 2015

quick email (1-29-2015)

family :)
     Im afraid I will have to be quick this week as we have some appointments and business to attend too. But things are going absolutely great here. My new companions name is Elder Smith and we act as if we were best friends going up. He is a great teacher and he loves to follow preach my gospel. Which I love! We have not stopped laughing since day one. I will be training him on how to be a zone leader. But he all ready knows what he is doing... so there are now worries there. He is a stud! He goes home in two transfers though. I miss him all ready!
    We have three baptismal dates set wit investigators in our area right now. The work is progressing nicely and we are staying really busy. Which I love! 
    Jessie is a new investigator that we found this week. His wifes name is Sherry and they are both 18 and she is pregnant. They are also homeless. So we have a lot on our plates but we also have an amazing opportunity to help them. It's amazing to feel like you are needed. But also exhausting! aha. We taught Jessie for the first time on Tuesday and then we have taught him everyday since. Which has been really cool. And it's what PMG says to do. Which is awesome! he is progressing really nicely and he has been to church twice! They were living in a hotel for a couple days and during that time they had a meeting with the bishop. When the Bishop was finished he called us into his office and told us that we needed to see them everyday and help them pray and read the book of mormon. And that's what we did. And God provided a temporary place for them to live at a less active members home. Which is really cool! It's interesting how the Lord does that! aha. Jessie is working towards a baptism date for Feb. 28th. He is super stoked! 
     Kim is doing really well. We moved her into a new apartment this morning and it is going to be so good for her. It's her own place where she can just feel at peace. We have a lesson with her tonight. Hopefully things go well. 
     Allie we havent been able to meet with in a while which is a bummer. :( But she is a great girl and hopefully we can be bale to teach her shortly.
     Father in Heaven is constantly looking out for me. I am so grateful for all the blessings that I receive each and every day. I am so grateful for a gospel of peace. That the world doesn't have to look so dark and pale all the time. What a blessing.
I love you all :)
Elder Wardle

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