Monday, January 26, 2015

Transfers! (10-13-2014)

Man, this week was great! But a bit of bad news :( We got transfer calls this morning and Elder Brooks is going to be leaving. That's so sad! He loves Fairfield and he has a whole ton of recent converts here! And they will miss him dearly. Hopefully I can hold down the fort here. I owe so much of the growth that I have had over the past couple of months to Elder Brooks. I will miss him :( But the Lord has other things in store for the both of us and we need a fresh start. We like each other a lot! And yes, it is possible to be too comfortable with each other. But he will forever be a friend to me. And he loves being a missionary. Besides that bit of sad news the only other disappointing thing is that it has officially gotten colder. But the Spirit keeps us warm.
Sorry that this email is a little bit later today. We were with an investigator this morning who we were able to set a date with! His name is Crispin and he is a super cool guy. He is "dating" one of the young women in the ward and she referred us to him. We taught him to day for the first time and he was really receptive! We set a baptismal date with him for November 22nd! And we are so excited to be able to continue to work towards that day. He is a great guy but has not had too many experiences with prayer and church in the past. So we are hoping that we can open his eyes spiritually speaking :) But he is a great attribute to our teaching pool. We were able to get back in with Daniel Farrel this week and reset a date with him for November 15th. He is such a great kid with a stellar testimony. He just had some family matters come up. that he had to deal with. But he will definitely be baptized by the end of the year. We have another investigator named Justin who is 12 and man he is sooo funny! He makes us laugh every lesson we have with him! We were teaching him and we asked him if he prayed about Joseph Smith being a prophet and he said yes. We asked him how he felt and his response was I wanna be with the MORMONS! ahaha. I died laughing. What a good kid! We just need to get his mama on board with everything and make sure she is ok with him getting baptized. Hopefully we can help her be baptized afterward as well. We found two new investigators last week as well. We met a girl named Danni way back and we finally were able to set an appointment with them but we ended up only being able to teach her husband Brady... and this guy is literally yoked out of his mind! Like huge! He used to do olympic movements when he is in football and was trying to qualify for the olympic trials in wieght lifting but he ended up hurting his back. He showed us his gym the other day. And that place is sweet! And he really wants us to join but we aren't allowed to be members at gyms. Bummer. Elder Brooks ans I work out every morning anyways. The other new investigator that we found is Whitney. I didn't teach Whitney because we were on exchanges, but Whitney was a referral from a recent convert and she is supposedly super solid. So we will work with her as well. Things are looking really great for our area right now. Plenty of work to be done and tons of people to see. It still amazes me how we have so much work to be doing when we only have 4,000 people on our side of town! But it's happening and we thank the Lord every day for the wonderful miracles every day! Well I love you all and hope you have a great week. Keep praying for those that you love. There is more power in prayer than we sometimes realize. And there are plenty of things to thank our Father in Heaven for. The church is true and I know that the Savior lives, loves us, and atoned for our sins! Keep working hard :) 
Love ya! 
Elder Caleb James Wardle

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