Monday, January 26, 2015

Hello Lovelies :) (10-6-2014)

This week was so great and filled with some amazing amazing miracles! The first is conference of course. I love being able to listen to the prophets and apostles speak to us. It's an excellent opportunity to learn and grow and to seek revelation from Father in Heaven and hear his chosen mouth pieces on the Earth today answer our prayers. What a blessing. Lately I have had some doubt as to whether we truly do have a prophet of God on the Earth. I will explain why: Back in Des Moines we taught a less active man who served a mission and and then joined the Hindu faith (I think it was Hindu...maybe Muslim) and since has left the Hindu faith and doesn't necessarily know what He is anymore. He had a lot of concerns after coming home from his mission about some things that he read. He wondered if there was a prophet of God on the Earth, if Joseph Smith truly was a prophet of God ETC. and once he kind of lost testimony of those things, He lost his faith in Christ and then in God. He said that he went to a lot of different religious leaders to try and seek truth and look for what was right. He went to a mosque and then felt a wonderful peace there while he was praying. He said he felt like He was being hugged by the Spirit while he was asking if there was a God. So he continued ti study with that particular religion and decided to join with them and their beliefs. Since then he has lost faith in that religion but he still fells that God is there because of the Spiritual experiences that he had. SO we were meeting with him and trying to understand his concerns, and he posed a wonderful question that for awhile confused me but has since helped me receive revelation that we do have a living prophet of God on the Earth today: If Thomas S. Monson is a prophet then why doesn't he prophecy like prophets of old and say things like "Thus saith the Lord" or "It has been revealed to me in a vision" or "God has come down and has spoken to me and this is what he said." And that question really bothered me. If Thomas S. Monson is truly a prophet of God then why doesn't he tell us that he is receiving specific revelation for our day or adding more doctrine to the Doctrine and Covenants instead of just delivering a message about love that has been almost over killed in the scriptures. We tried to disprove the man by telling him that he has. For example: The lowering of the mission age. ETC. He said that he would have preferred Monson to come out and say "the Lord has revealed to me that all worthy 18 year old young men are now able to serve missions" rather than "Our experiences with 18 year old missionaries has been positive and through tests we feel that they can serve." And that question confused me as well. So I have been thinking about it for a really long time now. And I went in to conference searching for a specific answer to a specific question: Is Thomas S. Monson truly a prophet of God? It wasn't until Elder Eyering's talk on Sunday morning that I received my answer. When he testified of the prophet I felt the Spirit testify to me that he is truly a Prophet of God. Then everyone else after Elder Eyering in that session talked about the Prophet! Sharing their testimony and witness that he is a Prophet of God. I know, through the power of the Spirit, that Thomas Spencer Monson is a Prophet of God, chosen by our Father in Heaven to be his mouth piece in these the Latter days. What a wonderful conference miracle! The Lords ways are higher than our ways. But if we ask with a sincere heart we can find truth in matters that we cannot comprehend ourselves. What a wonderful blessing. The fact that we have a Prophet of God is a wonderful manifestation of his love for us! What a miracle :) 

I guess I am just on a conference high! AHAHA. But this week was really great. We found four new investigators and are always looking for more. We met an African lady from Cameroon (like the only African in Fairfield) and we are teaching her and will hopefully set a baptismal date with her in the near future. Oh! We also got to see Meet The Mormons this week! Holy cow that;s a great film. Go watch it! It's amazing! I'm grateful for all that you do for me. The spirit has been so strong this week. I love you all :) I know tht the Savior lives and loves us!
Elder Caleb James Wardle

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