Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dear Family and Friends :)

This week was really great! We had a lot of wonderful miracles happen when we were out in exchanges in Muscatine! And we were busy all week, but we weren't busy teaching people. That was a bummer! But things are going really great! 
We were able to go on exchanges on Tuesday with The Muscatine English Elders (Elder MacDonald and Elder Nelson) They are companions right now and I was companions with Elder Nelson in the MTC and I trained Elder MacDonald. So it is awesome that they are together and I have the opportunity to be their zone leader. Muscatine is about an hour and a half away. A pretty long drive :( But worth the miles and time to be able to see Muscatine. It's a really beautiful place! I spent the day working with MacD And then Elder Brooks went with Elder Nelson. It was so fun to be reunited with Elder MacDonald again. We did a lot of finding. We knocked on some doors and talked to everyone that we saw and had some success there! We also taught a man named Michael. He has a really cool story. He has been taught by missionaries for quite some time and has had several baptism dates. he just has never been able to quit smoking. A couple of weeks ago he prayed and asked God to help him quit.... Well. God definitely answered his prayer! He came down with appendicitis, an during his surgery they shoved a tube down his throat which when he was recovering he got broncitus (pretty sure I spelled that wrong) which made it so that he couldn't smoke! So the Muscatine Elders committed him to quit smoking and he said he would. I was able to go over there and our plan was to set a baptism date with him. And we set one for October 11th! How amazing. He has been taught for so long and now He is going to be baptized because the Lord answered a prayer. What a miracle! He is such a great man. He bore his testimony to us before we left and he just testified of his knowledge that there is a God and that nothing in his life has been a coincidence. He has been led up to this point. And he is super pumped to be baptized!
On Wednesday we went out with the Spanish Elders! i went with Elder Marting out to a town called West Liberty which is a town full of Hispanics. We did a whole lot of work out there. I obviously don,t speak Spanish but it was really cool to go out and do my best! During our language study Elder Marting taught me how to say the missionary purpose in Spanish! And I know it pretty god now. It's so cool that he taught me that though because on Saturday we started talking to a Spanish lady named Rosa who we offered to help her fix her car. She had no idea what we were saying when we talked to her about the restoration. So I just recited the missionary purpose in Spanish to her and she totally understood who we were and what we do. Then Elder Brooks said Yo se que es verdad (I know it's true) which we learned on exchanges so that we could back up the Spanish missionaries on exchanges. How cool is that? It was like we spoke Spanish! AHAHA. Anyways, that was just a cool little story. On Sunday we were busy all day. We went to church and then drove out Iowa City which is an hour and a half away and we had a stake coordination meeting with the Stake President as well as his councilors and the Iowa City zone leaders. It's a pretty sweet meeting! We report on how many investigators are in our zone, how they were found, how the recent converts are doing and stuff like that. And then they kind f share their vision for how they want things to go. It's really sweet. President Hansen is a great man. And he has a ton of wisdom and knowledge. It's interesting to see how the stake is run! Anyways, we are still on the hunt for people to teach. So if any of yall out there know anyone from Fairfield IA that we could go teach let me know! We had a great week! I love you all! Thanks for all of your hard work and effort to ward bringing others unto Christ. I know he lives and loves us :)
Elder Caleb James Wardle

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