Sunday, October 5, 2014

Family and Friends :)

It is so great to be able to email every week. I really look forward to it! What a wonderful blessing to be able to stay in contact with everyone as I am out here serving the Lord. This week was pretty good. We are trying to be diligent in finding new people to teach but it is coming somewhat slowly. We have had a lot of wonderful things happening here in the past month but now we are just searching for new people to see and teach. We have a ton of things that we could be doing (searching for less active members and teaching the 9 recent converts that we have here) but we know that our main purpose is to bring new people into the fold. So we are searching for new people to teach. Our teaching pool has grown a little since last week. We found a new investigator named Drew! She is really cool. We planned to try to find new investigators and seek referrals from less active members. We stopped by her house where we thought a less active member lived, and it turned out that she definitely wasn't him! AHA. But we taught her the message of the Restoration on her doorstep and she liked what we shared and we invited her to be baptized! And she accepted. It was really cool! We hope to be able to get her out to church and to set a baptismal date for her. It will be great! 
We also set a date this week with a 13 year old boy named Justin. He and his mother were investigating the church in Spring but they told the missionaries that they didn't want to be seen. Well we stopped by and Terri (Justin's other wasn't interested) but Justin was really excited to see us. We set a date with him for November 15th and he is super solid. Hopefully his mother won;t mind him being baptized as we have to have her consent. But Justin is a really great kid and he is super smart. He loves the missionaries and the church. Hopefully we can help him enter the waters of baptism. It will be an incredible experience. 
This week was really busy with a lot of traveling. On Tuesday we drove and hour and a half to Iowa City for MLC (Mission Leadership Council) and that was a lot of fun. We council together about what can best help the mission and we report on how our zones are doing and the number of baptisms. Our zone has seen so much success because we have amazing missionaries here! They are incredible! On Thursday we had zone conference in Iowa City again. So we have done a ton of driving this week! And then on Saturday we went to the temple and did an endowment session there. What a wonderful experience. The Nauvoo temple is such a wonderful place. It's the city of Joseph! I love that place and I am so grateful that it's within our mission boundaries and that I am in an area where I get to go! What a blessing! 
This week has been wonderful. I know that Heavenly Father loves each of us. He knows what we struggle with and He knows what we need. Pray to Him and ask Him to send you the blessings that He has readily available for you. He loves us. I know this to be true. I'm grateful for the wonderful blessing that is to be inviting others to come unto Christ. I testify of his power. It is real. I love each and everyone of you. Continue to share the gospel with others. May the Lord be with you!
Elder Caleb James Wardle

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