Monday, June 23, 2014

Another great week :)

Friends and Family :)
This week was absolutely great. A lot of things happened in our zone for transfers. The Assistants to the President told Elder Standage and I on Monday that we would be staying together and that they would be leaving our ward :( that was for sure interesting! I guess I knew that they could change wards but never realized that it would happen how it happened. They just basically told us they would be serving somewhere else and they handed us the teaching records for all of their investigators and Recent converts. We are going to be busy busy busy! But in better news, Sister Whipple from the Saratoga stake back home is now serving in the same ward I am and I am her District Leader! How fun! It's crazy that we are in the same mission but even crazier that we are serving in the same ward together. It should be lots of fun! She is a great missionary and they have all ready found two new investigators to be teaching. That's super awesome!
This week we spent most of our time just teaching Kalvin and getting him ready for his baptism this weekend! it will be my first one so hopefully everything pans out and it can happen! kalvin is pretty excited.
We found two new investigators this week. Chad and then a few days later we found Elsie! Chad is a great guy. He has a pretty heavy addiction to alcohol though. We found him just at the right time because he is now 30 days sober. He is a great guy and we helped him pray for the first time on Monday. We are giving him a church tour tonight that should go smoothly. We called him the other day and he has read the restoration pamphlet and prayed every day. he is really prepared. Chad mentioned in the middle of the lesson that he wanted to be baptized and so we invited him right then and there! He is awesome!
Elsie is from a part member family. She is super cool and we talked about the restoration with her and showed her the restoration video. She really felt the spirit and asked great questions. She also said that she would be baptized again if it was something God told her to do. She is great and we will hopefully set a date for her this week.Well I love you all! thanks for all that you do and for your wonderful influences! I know that the Savior atoned for his sins. And we can each become clean through prayer and repentance. I love the fact that we have the opportunity here on Earth to make mistakes so that when we are with our Father in Heaven again we don't have too! I love you all! Thanks for all that you do!
Love Ya!
Elder Caleb James Wardle

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